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Tammy has been in the sales industry and the direct sales industry for over 20 years. Her passion is helping others to achieve the success she has had in life and in business.

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To Whom it May Concern:
This was Tammy's second year to speak at Ambition, and we had her back for one main reason: our Consultants wanted her back. Our 2011 event survey had her ranked as one of the top speakers, so it was a no-brainer. As always, Tammy put in her due diligence to make sure she understood our company and training philosophy, and also the experience level of the select group of Consultants in the audience. She also worked ahead of time with two of our top Consultants (who were presenting before her) to ensure consistency of message without repetition.
During the event, Tammy delivered. However, what impressed me the most was not her excitement and enthusiasm on stage, but what she did during lunch and afternoon breaks. On numerous occasions I witnessed Tammy out in the exhibit area talking to our Consultants, answering questions and just listening. I have not witnessed that level of commitment before, and felt that this effort really made a difference for our Consultants.
Based on this and past experience, I whole-heartedly recommend Tammy for any future training events and conferences.
Eric Johnstone
Director of Field Training, Ambit Energy

To Whom it May Concern:
Tammy Stanley was a joy to work with at our recent convention. Network marketing events can be tough training environments as you are often dealing with a wide range of demographics. She not only completed her due diligence to make sure she understood our company and training philosophy, she also came to the event well prepared. Her presentation was both entertaining and packed with great information. With that said, in the end the only opinion that truly matters is that of the attendees. And after reviewing the surveys that came back from the event, I was extremely pleased to see that Tammy received some very high praise as a speaker, as evidenced by the following:
"I think we all struggle with self-confidence. Tammy, that spunky red head, provided excellent content and gave me ideas on how I can be more confident and build my business by effectively approaching contacts."
"Tammy Stanley's presentation on Prospecting & Closing was fantastic, and was great for both men and women in the audience. I would love to see more of this type of information."
Based on my assessment and the attendee feedback, I whole-heartedly recommend Tammy for any future training events and conferences.
Eric Johnstone
Director of Field Training, Ambit Energy

Dear Tammy,

Thanks again for participating in our National Monday Night Training Call! The information you provided our consultants on “Booking Now – Not Later” has received some great reviews and generated lots of discussion!

Unlike another trainer we’ve used where they spent too much time promoting their products and giving little real concrete information, you gave us real, usable methods and techniques that could be put into practice right away.

I really have enjoyed working with you and hope to enlist your services for future calls and events!


Joe LoBue

Director, Field Development

WineShop At Home

Napa, CA

August 25, 2005

Reference: Tammy Stanley

Motivational Speaker


Tammy Stanley was invited to be a featured speaker at the Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon offsite sales meeting on August 18, 2005. I think her remarks were energizing, focused and well received.

She provided colorful stories around how the sales process can be more effective, which I believe will enhance our sales teams performance. Tammy made a significant contribution to the overall success of our retreat, and I would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker.


J. Bart McMullan, Jr. MD


Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

Tammy Stanley: Leadership Trainer

Tammy's training was the best leader training that I have ever been a party to in eighteen years of business leadership.  Her ability to bring the group along with her, push them to truly work through the issues that were keeping them from growing further, and to witness the real work that the leaders were prepared to put in to reach where Tammy was taking them was impressive leadership in itself.

Tammy was invited to speak to our top field leaders who attended a three-day Gold Canyon training.  I invited Tammy to address the group on the first day to set the tone and expectations of the leadership training.  Tammy was then given the final day of the course.

The impact that Tammy's inspirational and action provoking training had cannot be overestimated.  our experienced leaders, who have been at the top of their Gold Canyon Company, left with insights and paradigm shifts that they began to implement immediately.

Ann Raulston

Gold Canyon Sales Director.

Dear Tammy,

Thank you for joining us at The Pampered Chef 2009 National Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and appreciate the time and effort you spent in preparation for your workshop.  You Stop Cancellations Now! message hit the mark by offering insights into our hosts' minds and the host coaching process.

We're hearing great feedback from our Consultants!  They're expressaing how much your message has inspired them to be diligent in host coaching and to make sure their hosts are able to easily keep their commitments.  I'm confident you positively impacted many Consultants' businesses in the time you spent with us.

On behalf of everyone at The Pampered Chef and all our Consultants in both the United States and Canada, thanks once again for sharing your inspirational message and unique perspective.


Kristi Lucariello

Senior Manager, Sales Training